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Giro Chrono Expert Halter Bib
A great bib short is the best foundation for longer, faster rides. But bibs can also be a challenge when nature calls. That’s why Giro engineered their Women’s Chrono Expert Halter with convenience in mind, so that you don’t have to be Houdini when you need to make a stop. Simply remove the halter, pull down the bibs, and you’re ready to go. You don’t even need to unzip your jersey. Giro uses premium Italian fabrics to ensure optimal compression and comfort, and tailored the fit so that each seam works with your body in motion. A storage pocket at the lower back provides freedom to choose your top layers too, so that you can keep going with confidence and style.
Giro Women's Chrono Sport Halter Bib Short
They're lightweight to keep you moving fast, have a few storage pockets for snacks and other necessities, and feature a breathable mesh upper for maximum ventilation. Whether you have been riding bib shorts for years, or have been wanting to try out the benefits, our Women's Chrono Sport Halter Bib will impress the most experienced rider, and certainly convince those new to bib shorts that they are the best way to enjoy a ride of any distance.
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